World of Lakrustrun

Session 40 - 45

...I think you've had quite enough to drink...

-The party upon returning to the orphanage posts a watch for the night
-Lonnie's goons arrive early the next morning, and a battle ensues, where the party kills off all the attackers, but not before the orphanages is burned to the ground.
-After the party relocates to one of the local inns, they await morning and meet with Jame Goodenough, (mayor and representative of the council of Freeport) explaining to him that Lonnie has been killed; explaining that Lonnie had all but threatened them on their visit the previous day. They also explain about the night time visit from Lonnie's thugs.
-James thanks them for their dealing with Lonnie, and he explains that Lonnie has been a thorn in his side for quite some time now. That he could not be dealt with as he was well connected to some of the underworld contacts in the area. He further explains that the party had better be on the watch for further trouble.
-Leaving, Camus the Gnome mage decides that he would like to pay a visit to the mages tower that resides beside the Mayors Home. Upon attempting to enter the open archway that leads to the courtyard surrounding the tower, Camus is thrown back.
-Swearing revenge upon the mage who owns the tower. The party departs, and heads back to the inn they were staying at around the corner from the statues in the Lower Quarter.
-Gemma makes her way to a bakery where she arranges to pickup some cup cakes.  She also makes a stop at lingerie shop where she arranges for some garments for Arthur.
-The message for the trip back to Lantish was received, and the party gathered at the residence of Yong (The Student mage living in Freeport), accompanied by the delegates from Freeport (James Goodenough, a Female Elf, and a Male Dwarf); from there they were teleported back to Lantish.
-Arriving in Lantish, the party escorted the delegates to the Golden Dragon Inn, and requested Alec send Chaunacy to collect Arthur. 
-The delegates met with Arthur and Noe casting some sort of spells on the common room; finally telling thje gathered people that they would 'sleep' on the decision.
-In the morning, the delegates decide that they would support the appointment of Arthur as Regent of the area, (to whatever title was appropriate). They further told the party that they would be departing back to Freeport. James confides in the party the they have much to attend to (The death of Lonnie being one of these problems to be solved) and that the party had an open invitation back to Freeport if they were looking for further employment in the future.
-Gemma gives Arthur his new 'Gifts' (the lingerie and some of the cup cakes, others she shares with Maria, and the party)
-When later visiting with Arthur at the Manor house, the party learns that he has appointed Chaunacy as his Chancellor; which the party agrees is a good decision. Maria and Alec let the party know they will sorely miss him, and that they are on the look out for a replacement.
-During the meeting the party (Gemma, Vanya and Clod) convince Arthur that it would be a good idea to hold a calibration to announce his new appointment. They further convince him that it would be best to invite the local leaders from the surrounding town and villages.
-Gemma meets with War Chief Lamont about the missing priests and Rangers that he fellow brothers and sisters were send in search of. She learns that they have had little good luck in the endeavor, and have only found the dead in their search.
-The party convinces Arthur that they should take Chaunacy with them on their diplomatic mission so that he learns the ropes of how to deal with the local leadership, and introduce him as their contact to Arthur.
-Chaunacy decides that he wants to learn how to fight, and goes shopping for arms and armour
-Returning with a two handed sword, and ill fitting chain mail, the party soon educates him on the finer points of picking weapons that may be more suited to his abilities.
-They return and purchase a short sword, and some tailored leather armour with the Lantish crest on it.
-An uneventful trip to Randall, leads to a cool reception by the towns folk. This is soon turned around by some good news from Clod about the leadership changing, and promises of aid from Lantish in the future.
-Chaunacy gets himself caught up in the merriment (free drinks provided by the party) and soon finds himself more than a little intoxicated (Clod takes this opportunity to teach him about fighting, in that you need to learn how to take a hit, and knocks him out cold)
-Arrangements are made for the leaders of Randall to show up to the ceremony. The party stays the night, and departs in the morning.
-Upon arriving back in Lantish the party takes an audience with Arthur and informs him of the success of the diplomatic mission.
-The party is presented with some baked good that Maria plans to make for the event.
-The journey to Exran is undertaken. The party leave on the next morrow.
-The journey once again, uneventful, the party arrives into a quieter town of Exran (They have never journeyed here in the past)
-They are greeted by a woman in red robes, flanked by some larger gentlemen whom insist that they await preparations being made in the Inn
-Errick witnesses some peculiar behavior in the Inn through the windows.
-A plot is soon uncovered by the party that the town has been taken hostage, and that this woman (known as Sharon) is the leader of a band of thugs who are extoriting the town.
-The party makes quick work of Sharon and her Merry men. Killing 2 and capturing both Sharon and one of her men. Additional men escape.
-The barkeep (Marret); who, it turns out is no barkeep, but the brother of the former barkeep, is nominated to one of the new roles as representative of Exran; as is one of the farmers (John); who the party encountered while chasing the escaped men.
-During the celebration for the liberation, the party buys more drinks, which Chaunacy partakes heavily once more (once again, Clod give him a lesson in humility)
-Journey back to Lantish is once again uneventful.
-The party takes an audience with Arthur once more, he seems to be more nervous as the date nears.
-The party meets with Maria, who presents them with some baked goods once more.
-Errich tries to meet up with Kip to tell him about the problems in Exran and inform him of possible intruders on his turf; and mildly suggest to him, that he interview this Sharon who is now a resident of the local jail.
-Party journeys forth to Kepling, where they have traveled in the past. Once again the journey is uneventful. 
-During the journey Chaunacy is warned off drinking during this excursion.
-The party arrives and heads for the larger more respected Inn in Kepling The Mermaids Flagon, where they once again are greeted by the local Bigot (Gordon) who, Clod promptly puts in his place by knocking him out cold.
-The party asks the barkeep to speak with Grandma Mary.
-While waiting for Grandma Mary, Laura (Erroyl the barkeeps daughter introduces her self, and endears herself to Chaunacy, her intentions are made plain)
-Grandma Mary arrives and takes note of all things transpiring, and agrees to journey to Lantish for the celebration
-A party ensues where Chaunacy makes a better impression of himself on Laura
-Journey back to Lantish, where the party encounters a wagon that is suspiciously over loaded, where the guards (Silver Pony Merchant Guild) claim it to be food stuff for Kepling.
-The party arrives back to Lantish, where Clod decides to check in with some of his contacts  as to the identity and nature of the caravan they witnessed bound for Kepling.
-Clod learns that strange shipments from Freeport have been making their way through Lantish as of late, destine to locations that lie beyond the county of Hendar, in some cases he knows the destination lies within the boundaries of Cliffport (the human kingdom to the north)
-The party once takes an audience with Arthur, and decisions are made that Chaunacy need not travel the final leg to Ormage with them.
-Gemma makes arrangements with her order to have Chaunacy take lessons with the warrior priests of her order.
-Party arrangements seem well in hand.
-Errich once again meets with Kip, who he informs about the shipments making their way though Lantish.
-The party journeys forth to Ormage, and soon finds new occupants have taken up residence in the village. It seems that the Orcs that had surrounded Lantish now have built themselve a War Camp over the ruins of Ormage.
-Calgim makes a daring plan to strike a blow to the bridge that links Ormage , and manages a good job of destroying it for the time being.
-The party upon leaving journeys back to the Enclave, where they discover an intruder (Cody has taken refuge here for the time being, during his crusade in locating and burying any remaining of the rangers who were wiped out.
-The party loads up what remains of the wine and ale, and has Cody tag along back to Lantish.
-On the trip back, the party runs into the Hobgoblins that they crossed so many weeks before, they explain that they are harrasing the orcs in their Camp, and they agree to keep them from rebuilding the bridge, hoping that the party will be able to raise an alarm in Lantish, to have an army come an deal with the orcs.
-Arriving in town, they have an audience with Arthur, and explain about Ormage.
-Arthur decides that to have Noe contact Freeport for aid in dealing with the Orcs.
-Noe explains that a force has been dispatched from Freeport.
-The party does some housekeeping and shopping. Creating Ales and Wines, arranging services for the celebration.
It is discovered that Chaunacy has gone missing. At first it is assumed that he and Laura (who recenetly arrived in town, and is now working for Maria and Alec at the Golden Dragaon) have snuck off.
-Further inquires reveal that Sharon has made good on her escape, as well as her aid.
-Investigation leads the party to a guarded warehouse, where a battle ensues with men dressed in the garb of Cliffport.
-The battle goes well… but that is where we leave our heroes this time…



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