World of Lakrustrun

Session 34 - 36 Recap

Once again, a massive catchup

-Starting off their day as a shopping trip, the party goes out to spend money in the big city
-Drakon and Gemma head to the market place in search of vendors, joined eventually by Falvion and Calgrim
-Gemma finds a new contact who brews spirits, and samples some of his wares. She agrees to buy a new grain (White and small) that they use in distant lands to brew other kinds of spirits. She is pretty sure that she wil be able to make a new kind of brew.
-Drakon finds his way to an armour and weapon smith, both of dwarven persuasion, purchasing a new set of hand axes
-Gemma speaking with the armourer purchases a new set of chain mail armour from the dwarven armourers, the armour turns out to be of very high quality, and protects her without having to make disadvantage checks on stealth
-Flavion decided that he might like to have a backup to his pistol and purchased a set of daggers (the dwarf delivering on one of a set of two)
-Both Flavion and Calgrim head to the animal handlers to shop for creatures to keep as pets, Flavion purchasing a mastif and Calgrim purchasing an owl.
-In the mean time Errich decides to check out a building from his past, exploring it, he realizes that there are foot prints in the dust that lead upstairs, and into the kitchen. (looking like they are keeping careful to conceal both their numbers and sizes)
-Upstairs, he recognizes the sleeping quarters, and realizes that the foot prints lead to separate beds, but have been laid out to conceal how many and the size of the foot prints.
Inside the kitchen, he finds some food, but little other evidence. When getting ready to depart, he realizes that the ashes in the fire look new. Fresh.
-Shopping over, the party heads back to the Hydra's Heads for the evening. Meeting for dinner, where they notice an young female Gnome watching their party from one of the corners. 
-When the party corners her, they find out the she not only knows Errich (Clod standing at door, many party members sitting at her table)
-She introduces herself as Ashlee and tells Errich that she recognizes him form his previous life in the city. She says that she tailed him from the orphanage that he had previously visited that day.
-Errich is enticed into visiting with Ashlee back at the orphanage to meet with her and her associates, the time was closing in on curfew
-Leaving in a hurry, Errich realizes that he is being followed, and ducks down an alley once again, and kills another unsuspecting victim.
-Returning to the inn, Errich meets up with his friends, and good times ensue.
-Some of the city guard spend the night in the inn in the common room, the party finds this very strange
-The party questions both the guards, and Ken (Owner of the Hydras Heads) about the guards spending the night, and are told that this is not unusual since the curfew has been in place
-That the streets are dangerous at night, where people have been killed, and that there appears to be some sort of turf war going on between two rival thieves guilds.
-Ken tells the party that there is nothing to worry about, that he has paid up his dues to the local guild, and that they will be safe staying at his establishment
-Flavion and Calgrim make attempts to train their new pets
-Errich decides that he wants to keep his meeting to himself from the remainder of the party.
-The party begins to notice shadowy figures moving about at night after curfew. 
-The next evening, the party again notices shadowy figures, and this time there are no guards at the inn, Vnaya suspects that these are Drow, dark elves
-Tensions rise, and the party becomes nervous.
-The next night, the tension breaks, as the drow make their move, and attack the inn
-A battle ensues where the drow poison is incorrectly used! (Stupid DM)
-The party quckly deals with the drow, and searches the bodies.
-- Please be prepared to Level up next session --
- This week will be a double session, both Sunday and Monday -



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