World of Lakrustrun

Session 22 Recap

"I take two steps backwards, and charge at the wall!" Camus the Pious

-Starting off at the Inn of the Golden Dragon,  the party meets with Authur and hears of his concerns about his missing men that he sent to the Manor house and how the Marquis had been missing the last few days as well
-Gemma learns that the next night's meal will be a stew made with a wine reduction, and suggests that Maria make bread bowls for this dish
-He meets with them in the common room of the Inn with Noe in tow casting a spell to keep their meeting private, the party also asks if he could provide a set of keys to the manor house
-Some of the members of the party meet with Kip and ask him if he knows an additional way into the grounds of the Manor house
-He tells them there is a passage that leads to the manor house, but it lies beyond the other outpost that the party has already encountered
-They ask if he has any agents currently on the grounds of the Manor, and he says that they are cleared to kill everyone there as far as he was concerned
-Camus meets with the head of the church of Elinstra Lady Elona, and asks her if she knows who would determine the leader of the Order if Ilumi Marik were to be thrown out of office
-She says that unfortunately those who are in charge are not always chosen for their behavior or for their devotion, and too many times have people been chosen because of their position of power
-Veric does some more research at the college about creating an ioun stone and finds out about what components would be required for such an endeavor
-The party takes the night to rest, and leaves in the morning after a lovely breakfast of toast and back bacon, meeting up with Arthur to retrieve a set of keys for the manor house
-Leaving through the house near the Sunken Skiff Bar, the party removed the spikes in  the door to the pee basin room, and move beyond the maze to the main catacombs line, where they eventually meet up with the outpost, where Errich is called forward once again
-Errich is instructed that he will aid in leading the remainder of the party (who is to be blindfolded) to beyond the outpost
-The party is lead to a sewer line that lead directly to the outhouses situated outside of the manor house
-Errich climbs his way up through the outhouse hole, and ties off a rope
-The party makes its way to the back entrance to the house, where Veric turns invisible, and opens the door, without telling the remainder of the party
-Clod seeing the door open without seeing Veric swings at the now invisible Veric, narrowly missing
-Veric hears voices when he first enters the house
-When the remainder of the party makes its way into the entrance, the voices stop
-The party spreads out in search of clues
-Camus walks into the main reception area of the house, where he finds four orcs, off step, but they soon recover
-The party makes quick work of two of the orcs, however, six more make their way in from the front entrance
-Vanya in an attempt to flank the orcs, opens a new area to the music room where two more orcs lie in wait
-Errich makes his way around the outside of the house, to flank the other orcs in the entrance, but finds the marquis inside one of the side rooms, who immediately moves out of visual range
-The battle going well for the party and poorly for the orcs, Veric, makes a move to check on the marquis in the dining hall
-Veric attacks the marquis with a witch bolt, and the marquis bears down upon him and returns attack
-Veric lights up his flaming bottle and casts drakness on it
-Dropping the bottle, he ignites both himself, the marquis, and some of the area in flames
-Veric makes a hasty retreat, and puts out his flames
-The marquis makes a dash to escape, and tries to put out the fire
-The party surrounds him and subdues him
-Gemma casts spare the dying in order to keep him alive for questioning
-In the meantime, Camus begins to search for the chest of gold he is sure the marquis has hidden
-When unable to find it he makes a mad dash directly at a solid wall to try to crash through it
-After knocking some sense back into his thick skull, he stands and divine strikes the wall to make a new door way and lays on hands to bring the Doppelganger back to consciousness
-Upon questioning the Doppelganger, they realize that he will not give up any information, and beat him to death once again
-The party searches the bodies and loots what they can from the house
-They find a letter, written in orcish that outlines some of the plans, and updates
-They take the body out via the front gates (where they find the missing guards bodies)
-They move the guards bodies to the guard shack at the entrance to the Manor grounds, and return to the Golden Dragon Inn
-There they bath, and send for Arthur
-Arthur arrives, and they discuss what happened
-Arthur plunks down a pouch with 750 gold for their troubles, and request that they stay on retainer, as the guards that were killed were the only guard who work full time, other than the citizens watch
-The party agrees, and request that Arthur once again extend their stay at the Golden Dragon, but this time, pay Alec for the rooms
-Arthur explains that the deal that was reached in the past was that the back taxes owed by Alec were far enough in arrears that Arthur could all but confiscate the Golden Dragon, however, if he allowed the party to stay, he would not be so cruel
-Camus speaks with Arthur and Noe on their way out, and asks for his support in his efforts to take command at the Order
-Veric goes off to purchase some items for his book and the ioun stone
-Gemma explains to Maria about making better bread bowls, and ask about making some dwarven cuisine
-Maria agrees to make some of the dishes, just for her, and possibly Drakon, and if other patrons want any…




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