World of Lakrustrun

Session 23 Recap

"Seems like they might not like each other..."

-Party starts back in the Golden Dragon Inn, and decides that they want to journey to the nearby Village of Kepling as it was the closes Village with the largest cemetery
-The intrepid warlock Veric decided to stay behind as he had no desire to travel to the Village
-On the way to the town the party encountered a groups of Hobgoblins battling a group of Orcs, and encountered new creatures (Orogs) that fought on the side of the Orcs
-The paladin Camus was once again dropped during battle 
-The battle ended when the party with the aid of the Hobgoblins annihilated the Orc faction in the battle, and made it clear that they wanted no part in a battle with the party, (that they were more interested in disengaging from the party)
-In the town, Vanya encountered some prejudice in the local inn when one of the drunken locals threatens to take matters into his own hands if the party is not out of town by next morning
-The party learns that there is a local 'witch' who acts as the local healer, and magic person, who goes by the name Grandma Mary
-They also learn that there has been no disruption in the caravan traffic to and from Kepling
-In the morning, after standing watch during the night, the party sets out to speak with Grandma Mary (who lives just outside of the Village)
-Mary is an old blind woman, who definitely sees the party for whom they are, she offers some insight into the party, and assures them that they have nothing to worry about in the Village of Kepling, that the Village is in good hands
- They next visit the Cemetery, which is covered by snow, but reveals no broken graves
-All the while Veric has been staying at the mages college, making an attempts to contact his Patron, and speaking with Noe about Sal Proto
-Little information is gleaned by Veric
-The party begins to make its way back to Lantish and once again encounters more creatures during their night stay in the wilderness
-The next morning brings about an uneventful journey back to Lantish



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