World of Lakrustrun

Session 17 Recap

"...remember me?! I told you there were freaking Hobgoblins below the manor!'

-The party begins in the Golden Dragon Inn awakening from a restless night spent awaiting an attack, that does not come
-They decide that the best course of action lie in retracing their steps to the tunnel below the manor house
-The party locksmith and thief suggests that they seek out a 'brace and bit' more commonly called a drill to gain access to the now blocked hatch
-Errick seeks out a merchant to sell him this item
-In the mean time Camus learns that the college will not deal with a non known merchant for reagents, and so will not grant them an audience
-Errick purchases the 'brace and bit' and the party is off through the same route they managed previously through the tunnels
-Upon arriving, some discussion about how to go about 'opening' the hatch ensues
-Various attempts are made, including; Camus, Errick, and Clod all individually attempting to force the hatch; Errick and Camus each attempting to drill through the hatch, only to discover that an upturned table now covers the hatch
-Camus, growing tired of this, casts thunderous wave on himself, and smacks his flail into the hatch, and he shatters a lot of the hatch, but not enough to gain access
-He once again attempts to push his way through, and this time gains entry
-The room is in darkness, and he uncharacteristically, intelligently decides to wait
-The remainder of the party enter the room
-No other life forms are discovered in the area
-Gemma kicks the lever that controls the portcullis into the hallway open
-Errick sneaking up to the secret door, decides to check for traps, and finds that the door is indeed trapped
-Managing to disable the trap he then decides to check to see if the door is unlocked, alerting the Hobgoblins on the other side of the door
-The party plays musical spots and Camus casts shield of faith, and Vanya casts Aid 
-Camus turns the knob, and pulls the door open
-Battle ensues where Camus is wounded, but Vanya heals him
-The battle goes well, and one Hobgoblin escapes to the upper floor
-The party investigates the bodies, and checks the rooms on the other side of secret door, finding no more enemies, they proceed on to the next floor
-Entering the kitchen from below, they find who they recognize as a scullery maid, slain in the kitchen
-The party further investigates the rear of the manor house, and finds more bodies (four in a sitting room, and one in one of the servants bedrooms)
-Listing at the door, Gemma hears the sounds of combat outside
-The party exits, and joins the battle between the manor guard, and 2 Bugberars, and 4 Hobgoblins
-The battle goes well for the party, and they manage to save 2 guards from being downed, and even manage to save the 2 who get knocked unconscious
-The party elects to send the two healthy guards with the two injured guards to the temple of Lumara




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