World of Lakrustrun

Session 11 Recap

'...I fixed the old lock. I am a locksmith you know.'

-Party still staying at the Golden Dragon Inn in Lantish
-Camus heads off to be early and Errich decides to slip off to do some shopping
-The party heads to bed, and Clod awakes to the sight of Errich with a new lock for the chest
-The party decides to send a message to the Marquis requesting an audience
-They further decide to purchase Healing potions (Vanya makes her way to her temple while Gemma prays at hers)
-Next stop is the college of mages. Vanya and Gemma make a stop at the gate, where they are informed that no one but mages may enter.
-They leave word there that they request an audience with a representative about the marquis as well
-Camus attempts to get back his chain mail armour from the smith making him his splint mail. The smith tells him he has already started to use the amrour to forge the splint mail
-Camus visits the Manor House and speaks with the one of the guards, asking if they could spare a set of chain mail. To which they tell him that they do not outfit anyone except guards for the marquis
-Errich says to Camus that he will 'acquisition' him a set of chain mail for the agreed upon 75 gold
-Errich once again sneaks out into the night, and returns later that night
-Camus pays him for the armour, and Errich re-adds the gold to the party fund
-The partys as a whole decides that they are to head back to the Sunken Skiff inn to complete their contract of clearing out the giant rats in the cellar
-Upon speaking with the proprietor of the inn, he tells them he will not pay any gold for the 'spiders' that are currently down in the basement. He is only interested in the rats.
-The party returns to the cellar, and finds the rats have be desiccated, but the tails remain intact
-They move in to the collapsed area into the sewer, and head north. Errich finds an area where it opens into a small room, and he tells the party that he hears sounds coming from there
-Attempting to sneak up, the party loses it's surprise on the spiders that are currently well fed from the dead rats
-The party makes short work of the spiders, and suffers only minor injuries
-Searching the area, they find a decomposing humanoid, and a small amount of coins
-They head back up to the Sunken Skiff and claim their reward for killing the rats
-Gemma makes a deal with the inn keeper to repair the wall between the sewer and his cellar



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