The major pantheon of the world of Lakrustrun is laid out in a compass rose pattern. Each major alignment has a representative. The deities are not racial exclusive as in other worlds, they are inclusive of all major good/evil races.


Alignment Name Domain
Chaotic Good Lumara Healing / Charity / Forgiveness
Neutral Good Elinstra Light / Purity / Knowledge
Lawful Good Omen Justice / Law / Protection
Chaotic Neutral Batar Nature / Trickery / 
Neutral Neutral Alpa Magic / Balance
Lawful Neutral Paxor War
Chaotic Evil Garthax Chaos / Destruction
Neutral Evil Sutex Darkness / Emptiness 
Lawful Neutral Dregor Death / Assassination


All of the gods and goddesses have major domains, as well as minor domains. There are also other minor gods and goddesses and deities who are responsible for sub divided domains, usually worshipped regionally. 




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